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Who We Are

We're Working Pictures, the most important thing to know about us is that we work (and work, and work.) We work on pre-production, production and post-production; doing everything from scripting to casting to scouting and shooting. 

We work with every kind of company and advertising agency.  We work to design, edit, and animate.  We work to create social media clips, long-form documentaries, thirty-second spots and everything in between. We work to stage live events and create augmented realities.

In fact, we only stop working when we’ve completely told a story.  But not just any story. Your story.


Genre  |  Industry
Warren County Tourism "The Sounds of Summer" TV :60
Oona Wine Brand Launch Collab with Colu Henry
Warren County Tourism- "You Feelin' Lake George"?
Beekman 1802 "Bloom Cream Promo"
Albany Med Health System - "Here for Everything" TV :60
Apex Health "Long Live Life" TV :30
Motion Graphics Reel 2023
Creative Communication Associates "Jefferson University Fashion Profile"
Warren County Tourism "Recipe for a Great Vacation: TV :60
Geisinger Gold Brand TV
First New York Federal Credit Union - "By the Time" TV :30
Brooklyn Hospital Center - "Making a Difference"

What We Create

Video Production

We’d say that we’re a one-stop shop.  But the thing is that we don’t stop.  We start from the beginning, with basic concepting, and go through script development, casting, scouting, directing and shooting.


And when the director yells “that’s a wrap”, we’re just getting started.  Once we’ve captured all the pieces we need, we get to work - through meticulous editing, color correction and sound design - to build your sharp and powerful story.

Motion Graphics

We go beyond the camera. Whether it’s custom illustrated 2D or 3D animation or an entire augmented reality world, we create motion graphics that deliver information in a way that surprises and delights audiences.

What We Do

We Don't Work for Awards

But we've got quite a few, and we're not gonna lie: 
They are quite pretty to look at.  

What We've Done

That's Our Story.

What's Yours?

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