Our Mission

Working Pictures, Inc. provides exceptional video production and post-production services for customers around the world from our state of the art studios located in Albany, NY. We thrive at the intersection of the creative and the practical, finding the right style and concept to meet our customers’ specific communication needs.

Working Pictures Mission:

To deliver full service, professional, creative video and audio production that is innovative and efficient for effective corporate communications and digital media.

Working Pictures is built on a philosophy that fuels all of our work and our customer partnerships:

  • That it’s our passion to tell our customers’ stories as if they were our own, with the utmost care
    and consideration.
  • That the best videos make audiences both understand and feel the core messages.
  • That beautiful images, effective concepts, and flawless technical execution are only valuable
    when aligned with and in service to each customer’s unique goals and needs.
  • That quality must reside not only in the look of the final piece, but in every step of our process.