Your TV is Still Good, for Now…

June 9, 2014

For the past number of years, we have all made the transition from standard definition video to HD. But as usual, technology marches on, and now 4K resolution is positioned to become the new standard in video production. And that’s not just for feature films, but for TV programming, corporate videos and high-end TV commercials as well. But what exactly is “4K”? In simple terms, it’s approximately 4 times the resolution of your current 1080 HD TV. 4 times as many pixels, and that means a whole lot more detail in the picture for the viewer at home.

We are keeping at the forefront of this new production standard, having already completed production on a number of 4K TV commercials. TV stations are not broadcasting in 4K yet, but manufacturers are making 4K monitors designed for consumer use, anticipating this eventual shift. And online video platforms like YouTube have begun to play 4K uploaded videos.

What does it mean? Well it means picture quality will only get better, details more crisp, colors more lush, and as the internet wizards run the buffer race it will soon load quickly on webpages too. More pixels are a good thing. Don’t curse Best Buy yet, your TV is still good, for now.

Click here to view our playlist of productions, shot and edited in full 4K resolution


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