Working Pictures Produces Multiple Videos for Verizon Wireless

June 1, 2013

Albany, NY — Working Pictures, Inc., was recently contracted by Verizon Wireless to produce a series of videos to kick-off regional sales conferences for five Verizon Wireless Northeast locations.

The videos were shot simultaneously over the course of one month, in various locations around New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The theme, “Prove the Biggest is Best” was demonstrated by interviewing over 125 energetic employees, and in their own words described how they individually play a role in the success of the company. The end result was five energetic videos which communicated the company’s set of core values and also emphasized the uniqueness of each location.

“The videos were all similar in theme, but each one had to be personalized to fit that particular region. Producing a series of this size required precise scheduling, in pre-production, shooting, and editing. All deadlines were hit, and we are happy to say the videos were all very well-received.” said Marty Bohunicky, president of Working Pictures, Inc.

The projects were directed by Marty Bohunicky and produced by Melissa Napoli of Working Pictures, Inc.

Working Pictures, Inc. is an award-winning video design company specializing in production, editing, and digital media creation.

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